MelMath Agency




Aino, MelMath's new generation of young, ingenious brands by creative minds.

MelMath Agency is happy to introduce to you our new sub company under the name 'Aino'. Pronounced as 'I know' and inspired by our grandchildren. 

With this new agency we wanted to draw a line between our old and new brands, so to speak. A line between brands with a long history and brands of the new generation like Likami, Skandinavisk and Gejst. 
These brands represent a fresh thinking, design and product, as of course the rest of the brands MelMath Agency represents. 

We're happy to welcome you in always the same showroom.


Skandinavisk was started by two English chaps who fell in love with two blonde Scandinavian girls and never left. Our collection is inspired by fifteen years of travels and experiences across the Nordic region.


A new generation of organic, botanical skincare products based on natural technology, revolutionising the traditional approach to quality skincare, hair-, body- and facial care.


Gejst is more than just a name. In English Gejst means eagerness and enthusiasm and is the foundation for all Gejst is. Inspired by the Nordic lifestyle, Gejst creates modern gastronomy and interior products of high quality. The products are designed by talented Danish and international designers with one purpose – to create Gejst for you.