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Brdr Krüger: New Products/ New showroom

NEW: A contemporary shaker chair - F Chair


The understated fine craftsmanship and comfort details of the F chair completes
the fusion between evolved modern aesthetics and the chair’s rural origins. The use of polyester
showcases the subtle beauty of the industrial material, while the webbed seat changes character as it reflects the surrounding light. Moreover, the embracing wooden backrest invites you to sit down and enjoy the chair for its simplest function and comfort”  (Jonas Krüger, 5th generation) 

The F chair is available in black stained beech or oiled oak.
The seat is made of durable black polyester webbing.

From 445 EUR

NEW: Bar stool by OEO Studio - Pauline


With its slim silhouette and distinct personality, the Pauline Bar Stool is a sophisticated
development from the Brdr. Krüger workshop, enhancing its existing range of contemporary furniture and reflecting the spirit of the mid-century Danish Modern movement.

Named after the wife of Ernst Krüger – 2nd generation of Brdr. Krüger – the Pauline Bar Stool is the third in a series of furniture pieces designed by internationally-recognised OEO Studio.

To ensure a light and elegant expression of the bar stool, the noble oak wood is combined with a
minimal steel footrest and tactile fabric or leather seat.

H:   65 cm
Wood: Oak, Oiled
Seat: Kvadrat fabric (Floyd) or Leather
Footrest in solid iron

From  775 EUR 

New Showroom


Brdr. Krüger opens its first public showroom in the company’s 130-year history. The new showroom designed by Copenhagen based, OEO Studio is intertwined with the brand’s production facilities, enabling visitors to follow the entire making process from raw materials through to the finished design piece.

Situated a short drive from central Copenhagen, Brdr. Krüger’s new showroom and headquarters is true to the spirit and warmth of the family business, visitors will be encouraged to visit the new raw and refined showroom and the woodturning workshop that lies at the very heart of Brdr. Krüger.

Dirk Rombouts